Associazione “Il Limone lunare” creativity as social action

'Si l'oeil ne pratique pas, il ne voit pas
peau qui ne touche pas, ne sait pas
si l'homme n'imagine pas, s’éteint' 

Through action research and Danilo Dolci’s mutual maieutics, for twenty years the founders of 'The lunar lemon' have shared the passion and commitment to the further development and application of creativity in the fields of art, social care and the environment.

With the aim of achieving good social, educational and civil practices, the association created Atelier, groups of study and action research by weaving and developing connections between knowledge types in different territories, both national and international.

Through convivial practices the association generates opportunities, which result in the creation of projects, workshops, and training courses by stimulating the talents and insights of people through research processes aimed at social change and community development.

The purpose of the association is to creatively spread Danilo Dolci’s mutual maieutics method by relating it to demands generated through social urgencies.

The association is Liguria’s regional representative on behalf of the "Danilo Dolci creative development Center" in Palermo.

Our national partners are:
Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo “Danilo Dolci” di Palermo
Casa Memoria di Felicia e Peppino Impastato di Cinisi (Pa)
Associazione Compare -Centro Territoriale Mammut di Napoli
Associazione Cenci Casa Laboratorio Amelia (Terni)